Bespoke healthcare solutions
for large companies

Flexibility for your business needs

WPA is a not-for-profit health insurer synonymous within the industry as being a high quality trusted provider with a heritage since 1901. WPA Protocol Plc is 100% owned subsidiary which specialises in bespoke healthcare solutions for large companies that self-insure through a Corporate Healthcare Trust.

We recognise that each and every customer will face their own challenges when it comes to their private medical scheme. These challenges mean that a 'one size fits all' benefit schedule and administration service is not going to be right for everyone. This is why we choose to offer complete flexibility, helping you to build from the ground up the scheme which fits your requirements.

Our solutions

Our bespoke healthcare solutions for large companies include administration services
for Corporate Healthcare Trusts and working in conjunction with WPA, Corporate Deductible and bespoke hybrid and cash plan options.

Corporate Healthcare Trust

For companies with 500+ members who wish to self-fund their employees´ healthcare with complete flexibility. WPA Protocol Plc, a wholly owned subsidiary provides specialist administration services.

Corporate Deductible

Corporate Deductible is an innovative and award winning funding option provided, through WPA, which is equivalent to a traditional Cost Plus arrangement. This allows companies with 150+ employees to take out a large corporate excess, resulting in significant savings.

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