Corporate Healthcare Trust


A Corporate Healthcare Trust (CHT) is a cost-effective way for large companies (typically 500+ employees) to provide private medical benefits to its members.
It´s a funding vehicle that´s approved by HMRC and it typically works out around 10% less expensive than the equivalent insured arrangement.

Setting up a Corporate
Healthcare Trust

We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your private medical scheme is designed,
set up, communicated and administered exactly as you want. This is not only at inception, but is an
ongoing process to ensure your scheme remains fit for purpose and is future proof.

Although we recommend professional legal assistance is obtained to set up a CHT, typically this
can be completed within just 6 weeks. We have worked with a number of specialist law firms,
and would be delighted to discuss your options further.

Potential savings

Excellent customer service is at the centre of all that we do and is something which we are renowned for in the industry. This together with our pro-active and challenging approach to relationship management means we are creating long-term partnerships with our global brand customers and their intermediaries.


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