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Protocol run regular updates across a range of relevant and thought provoking topics spanning the healthcare, legal and financial spectrum. We work closely with our customers, prospective customers and their intermediaries to ensure that healthcare schemes remain sustainable and fit for purpose.

Gender Dysphoria - A clinical and legal overview

November 2018

Gender Dysphoria: A clinical and legal overview at The Royal College of Physicians was timely and topical and written up by freelance journalist, Lois Rogers.

Key points included:

  • Demand for gender reassignment surgery rising by 15% a year.
  • An estimated 3,500 come forward for Gender Dysphoria treatment out of an estimated 200,000 to 500,000 transsexual people nationwide.
  • More employers expected to join companies at the vanguard of this social change.
  • Other organisations could come under pressure to add the gender treatment as an employee healthcare benefit.
  • Companies should take expert advice and tread carefully in this new era of equality of healthcare provision.
  • Gender reassignment treatment can cost up to £100,000.

The long term viability of your healthcare scheme – a strategic discussion

September 2018

This event, held at Chandos House, considered benefit strategy within a corporate healthcare scheme. The growing grey area of supplementary clinical funding – treatment outside the benefit schedule where patient’s clinicians are making a clinical case for treatment – could open a minefield of issues for the sponsoring employers. What considerations/adjustments should employers make to ensure the long term sustainability of their healthcare scheme?

Key points included:

  • In an age of entitlement it is important to go back to the scheme purpose and objectives.
  • The benefits provided should be considered – who’s in and what’s covered?
  • Should there be any limitations, treatment caps, financial limits etc.
  • Astonishing new treatments with significant costs are here with more on the horizon.
  • A review of the NICE approval process and the impacts which this has on the NHS and patient care.

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